Team CFV — Resilient as F*ck

Lundi 30 Mars Home W.O.D


  • A1 10 - Push Up @51X1 60'Rest
  • A2 10 - Front Leaning Over Row @3111 60'Rest

Rest 2-3'

  • B1 10 - Glute Ham Bridge Bench Press @51X1 60' Rest
  • B2 10 - Rear Delt Fly @3131 60' Rest

Rest 2-3'

2 rounds

  • Max Rep Russian Push Up
  • Max Rep Seated Row ou Iso Max Temps
  • Hollow Rock Max Hold
  • Max Rep Ext Lombaire UNBK Rapide

Warm Up


  • Tiger Push Up
  • Front Plank 30"
  • Jumping Jack
  • Down Up


  • Flow
  • Shoulder
  • Poignets

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